Marie’s Atlas is a fantastical science fiction adventure about a girl, Marie, who uses her mathematical wits and virtues to solve challenging puzzles. This book inspires creative and innovative thought while nurturing character development. 

    Fibonacci, Pascal, Sophie Germain Primes and other mathematical puzzles are just part of her adventure. She encounters tests of character that require courage, peace, trust, friendship, detachment, and more. Marie’s Atlas is a great fantasy adventure for young and old alike.

The sequel, “Cosmos Ignites,” is a continuation of Marie’s adventures. Marie andAtlas re-unite as ‘Cosmos' and take on tests of character, math, chemistry, and physics. Fractals, programming, and atoms all intermix in this inspiring new adventure to new worlds and abstract spaces.

ReFractal, book 3,  takes place in a world where technology rules. New puzzles, mathematical music, rhymes, and reason come together in this adventure. Marie and Atlas are together again exploring harmonics, Sierpinski, fractals, and more.  



Written and illustrated by Sophia Estelle Wood

Edited by Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

   © Sophia Wood 2017