ReFractal is Here!

ReFractal is now available! Please spread the word, review, share, and enjoy! 

"In a world where technology rules, Cosmos must help figure out why a civilization is in decline. New puzzles, mathematical music, rhymes, and reason come together in this adventure. Marie and Atlas are together again exploring harmonics, Sierpinski, fractals, and more.”

Here is a link to ReFractal on Amazon.

3rd book to come!

A third book is on its way in the Marie’s Atlas Series! Drumroll… the title is: “ReFractal” and here is a sneak peek at a draft of the cover image: 

The book will be released in early spring. Updates will be posted here!


All Done Monkey - Summer Adventure Books!

Cosmos Ignites is featured in the All Done Monkey “Adventure Books for Kids.” Check it out HERE. 


Thanks to Joy Cocoran for her review on Books*Art*Life of both Marie’s Atlas and Cosmos Ignites!

From the review:

“…The adventure is taken with grace, humor and suspense.

Both of these books are compelling and would be excellent reads for those interested in mathematical theories, and for those who are pretty sure most math is useless in their lives.  While none of us will go on adventures as dramatic as Marie’s trials, the books integrate math, physics, and chemistry into the story in a way that makes her knowledge exciting and enviable.

Not quite practical math, it’s more like fantastical math that adds the element of play that most mathematical teaching doesn’t have.  Maybe we should coin a word like “mathmagical” for it.  I know I learned a lot and enjoyed the fascinating stories, as well as the charming illustrations…”

Cosmos Ignites

It’s Here! Comos Ignites - Sequel to Marie’s Atlas.

On Amazon now!

Marie and Atlas re-unite as ‘Cosmos' and take on tests of character, math, chemistry, and physics. Fractals, programming, and atoms all intermix in this inspiring new adventure to new worlds and abstract spaces.

Cosmos Ignites

Sequel Coming Soon!

Marie’s Atlas is going to have a sequel! The release date will be announced in the coming weeks.  Are you excited? Aren’t you just waiting in anticipation to know the title? Spread the word!

Kindle Free Days!

Kindle free days on October 13th through October 15th. Spread the word!

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Now in Salem!

Friends, it is official, I am now a Salem resident! 

Free Days!

Marie’s Atlas is free on Kindle for 5/21 and 5/22 this week! Thanks to Amanda Clark for her Blog. Check it out here:

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Book Review by "My Own Little Corner"

Thanks for the review! My Own Little Corner gave a great review of the book. Click here to go read it.

"Marie's Atlas is a fun and engaging book aimed at middle grade students, or 9-12 year olds. It is jam packed with action and adventure to keep young readers interested. It's also full of mathematical puzzles and concepts that will get them thinking and learning without even realizing it! I am all about anything that integrates multiple subjects together, and Marie's Atlas does just that. You get to go on an adventure with Marie as she tests her knowledge and herself. There are many great opportunities for discussion with this one, from math lessons to lessons on trusting and pushing yourself. This is a great read aimed at children, but I think adults will enjoy it as well. I know I did.”

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