Who digs?

Who digs Fibonacci? I do! T-shirts are available on Society6.


Book Signing in January!

Mark your calendars!

The Used Book Emporium will be hosting a book signing on January 24, 2015 from 1-3pm! 

I will be there to sign "Marie’s Atlas" and Jeannie Mobley will be there to sign “Katerina’s Wish” and “Searching for Silverheels.”

My other books will be available as well:

     “Gray Planet Learns to Shine” - a simple picture book about unity geared towards 4-7yrs of age. 

     “The Night Before Ayyam-i-Ha” - a whimsical book about the Baha’i intercalary days of service and celebration at the end of every February.

Marie's Atlas is Published!

 I am so excited my book is published. It has been a year’s process of writing and rewritting this book, and now I can share this story with the world. These first few weeks have been busy! So far:

  >Marie’s Atlas available on Kindle and Amazon, then other venues

  >A kindle free day on 12/16/21

  >First book signing at the DARKROOM in Longmont, CO! - thanks, Julie Cardinal!

  >The Used Book Emporium got stocked in Longmont, CO!

There will be so much more to come! Contests, Fan’s artwork, Marie’s Doodles, and more! (there might even be hints at sequels to come…)


Please review this book when you get a chance. I would love to hear what you think.

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