Behind the Art - Class on 3/15/15

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From FB post on the DARKROOM:

Sophia Wood creates extraordinary images by blending photography and painting through an #iPhone app called #Procreate. The results are truly unique and lend yet more credence to the theory that visual art is undergoing yet another of its transformative renaissance phases.

The techniques involved in creating this kind of image are reasonably simple to learn, and once you master the technology your creative potential is virtually unlimited. But don't take our word for it - come see for yourself!

Sophia will be leading a class on March 15th from 2pm - 4pm here at the DARKROOM, 515 Main St. in#Longmont.

It promises to be informative, interesting... and a lot of fun! Sophia is a great teacher and she'll unleash creative potential you never realized you had!

Call (505) 795-2371 or email to find out more.

 — at the DARKROOM.

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